Winter Workout Tips

Whether the winter is in-season or out-of-season for you, or even if you aren’t an athlete, it is important to continue to workout during the winter months. It can be difficult to keep the motivation and work level up, especially if you’re someone who relies on running outside (this can still be achieved, but dress warm and be careful). Regardless, it is important to keep yourself from that winter rut that seems to hit every year. If you’re going to be active during these colder months, you’ll want to pay attention to these winter workout tips.


Safety ought to be your first priority when working out during the winter, and headlines our winter workout tips. Staying active involves moving your body more than usual in ways that you normally wouldn’t. The cold weather is going cause your muscles to retract, make sure you add layers and stretch more than usual. Check with your doctor about any conditions you have and how you may need special precautions this time of year.

Check forecasts for weather conditions and wind chill. Wind chill can penetrate your layers, removing the warmth around your body. During these conditions, your exposed skin is subject to frostbite. If you don’t have waterproof equipment, consider putting off your workout if it is raining or snowing. When running, avoid any puddles that can be caused from melting snow or rain. If any part of your body gets wet, you will be more vulnerable to the cold.


Dressing in layers is imperative to being safe while working out this winter. Many people believe that not dressing warm enough is the biggest problem they can face this winter. That is incorrect. Dressing too warm can be just as detrimental as not dressing warm enough. This tops our winter workout tips due to its importance to your safety. Exercising will create a considerable amount of heat, more so than you would believe. Layer yourself up with light, breathable clothes and a layer of fleece that can be removed if you become too warm.


Layering up is important, but it’s also crucial that you have the right winter workout clothes. Making an investment in your clothing will also give you a reason to wear it and get outside to workout! Your extremities will be receiving the least amount of heat, so make sure that you have gloves, a hat or hoodie and thermal socks to help keep these warm. Making this investment in your fitness life will give it more purpose and importance and will help your brain remember that these things need to get done!

Face the Weather

It’s much easier during the winter months to hunker down and live a laxed lifestyle. According to Men’s Fitness, it is much better to get out and face the weather. If you’re not usually a runner, bundle yourself up and get out to run in the snow. It will give you a change of pace and should wear you down quickly enough to give you a rigorous workout and get you inside before you sweat too badly.

Set a large goal and take things slow. Fitness hasn’t change since the summer. Whether you want to get bigger, smaller or become more athletic, things aren’t going to change overnight. Follow these winter workout tips, set yourself a large goal and get after it before New Years. Plenty of people set goals for their resolutions and try and hit it heavy right away, only to be burned out weeks later.

Winter Baseball Tips

Winter is a great time to improve your game in ways you didn’t think possible. It’s easy in the warmer months to get into a rhythm and habit of doing the same things over and over, which can be detrimental. Use this winter to improve the little things in your game or try something new. Take time to analyze yourself. Go over film from the past season, or record yourself hitting and throwing, then go back and watch to see if there is room for improvement.

If you are a pitcher, work on increasing your velocity, adding a new pitch to your arsenal, or perfecting a pitch you’ve already learned. Find an indoor place to train, most are cheap and your coach may even subsidize it for you. Set a speed goal and work at getting more athletic this winter. It is a lot easier to train for diving in the outfield on indoor turf.

Buddy System

You should already be doing this, but if you aren’t, find yourself a gym buddy who you can look to for motivation and accountability. It’s easy to finish a day and tell yourself they you’re too tired for the gym today, but having that other person to push you to get there is a very big help. You’ll also push yourself more. Whether they’re a similar body type to you or not, you’ll find yourself being pushed to move more weight or go a little longer. Working out with someone else is just more enjoyable. Conversation starts and having those connections in the gym will make it a more social place that you’ll want to continue to go to. So share these winter workout tips with a friend and get yourselves in the gym or outside on a run!

Watch your Diet

Now more than ever, it’s important to watch your diet. Most people tend to ‘hibernate,’ stay indoors and eat heartier meals. Take initiative and force yourself to stick to a diet and watch what you are putting into your body. Sure, it’s inevitable that you’ll cave sometimes and indulge in some unhealthy meals. Perhaps cheat days are more prevalent, that’s to be expected. However, putting in the back of your mind that you need to watch what you eat will make you more conscious of those decisions and will help you from packing on the pounds this winter.

Continuing to improve your fitness throughout the winter is imperative to a healthy lifestyle. It goes far beyond just your physical health. It will create good habits and will enforce your ability to stick with projects and tasks even when they may be difficult. There will definitely be days where you wake up or get done with work and think to yourself that you just can’t get to the gym that day, however, it’s important to stick with it. For that added motivation, take a picture of yourself in November and then April and see how far you’ve come. If you really stick with these winter workout tips, you’ll be amazed at the progress.

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