Why you need the right softball apparel

Sports are one of the absolute best things about summer.

Pickup basketball in the driveway, games of catch in the backyard, or softball games at the nearest park diamond are all popular activities. Getting outside and enjoying the weather with friends is all that matters!

Softball is a somewhat unique sport in all of this. Even if you’re just playing a pickup game with some neighbors, there are a few things you’ll need. This is especially true if you’re part of an organized summer league like many people are, young and old.

Recreational softball is becoming more popular, and you might find coworkers or friends asking you to join a league soon. What are the benefits of things like women’s or men’s softball pants that help you succeed on the diamond?

Protecting Your Legs and Ankles

It’s no secret: baseball and softball can be dirty. The dirt or clay that covers the infield gets everywhere.

It also isn’t very skin-friendly – a slide into home or a dive to field a ball can hurt quite a bit! This is why normal athletic shorts may not be enough.

Our women’s and men’s softball pants are designed for flexibility and comfort, as well as protecting you where it counts.

Keeping You Comfortable in Any Weather

Softball is primarily a summer and fall sport, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the weather always cooperates.

If your first thought when softball pants were mentioned was, “that sounds sweaty” – there’s still hope. Softball shorts are also popular for both men and women.

Rather than offering protection, they’re designed with breathability and movement in mind. When a game falls on a 100-degree day, these shorts might be your best friend.

Cold, rainy, or blustery days in the fall aren’t out of the question either. Softball pullovers and fleece jackets can help keep in body heat without restricting your movement.

Making Your Group A True Team

This last reason holds true for many different sports.

Showing up to the field in assorted t-shirts and gym shorts won’t stop you from playing well or having fun. That said, if you’re taking your rec league seriously, you’ll want to suit up properly.

Uniforms help foster a sense of community and team-building spirit – you’re all in it together, and you have the jerseys to prove it.

It also can’t be denied that the opposing team takes note when your squad rolls up in matching jerseys, complete with your team name. This intimidation factor may or may not directly lead to on-field success, but it can’t hurt!

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Decker Sports is an Omaha-based sporting goods manufacturer working to combine knowledge of hand-eye coordination with modern exercise, physiology expertise, and personal experience on the ballfield to take young baseball players and softball players to their utmost levels. They strive to deliver superior equipment, excellence in skill development, and the utmost service, at a fair price. Decker Sports is proud to support

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