Why sleep is critical for young athletes

Your young athlete puts up with a lot during his or her day. They have to wake up early for practice and school. They have to sit through hours of lectures, do homework and at the end of the day they have a game or practice. Plus somewhere in the day, they have to make time for studying and eating. It can be a lot. According to a recent study, children do not receive the proper amount of sleep. Kids between the ages of six and ten need between 10 and 11 hours of sleep every night, and older kids need between eight to nine hours.

Sleep is vital for growing kids especially those participating in sports. Sleep recovery for athletes can be difficult because there are many distractions that can prevent kids from getting a good night sleep. Smartphones and video games have become major problems. Kids are starting to stay up later to spend more time on their phones. That is why it is important for parents to understand why getting a proper sleep recover for athletes is critical.

Fewer injuries.

Injuries in sports are unpredictable, but you want to take all the precautions to prevent them. Sleep is just one way to prevent common injuries from occurring.. In a study conducted by the University of California, researchers found that athletes who got less than six hours of sleep had higher chances of getting hurt. Tired athletes have a much slower reaction rate thus causing more preventable injuries. Sleep helps the body recharge its energy from workouts and games. If your child doesn’t enough sleep, there is no way for the body to restore the lost energy.

Fewer mistakes.

Mistakes are inevitable, so help your kid prevent them by getting enough sleep. If you don’t get the right amount of sleep, it can impair their judgment. When the human body lacks of sleep, it can decrease your ability to concentrate on what you are doing and thinking. A lack of sleep can also impact their ability to remember what they learned in practice.

Overall better performance.

Sleep overall helps a young athlete’s performance on the field. It will recharge athletes and keep them functioning through long games and practices. Sleep recovery for athletes can improve catching, pitching and batting accuracy. As a parent, you want your young athlete performing at their best, all season long.  Make sleep a priority by setting a time that your athlete should be in bed. Keep your child away from electronics before sleeping. Let them know that light can affect how they sleep. Make sure they turn off all electronics to decrease their likelihood of getting them on during the night.

We want to make sure your young athlete is getting the proper amount of sleep to be able to make those home runs or amazing pitches. As a parent, you can make sure they get the adequate sleep by making rules and sticking to them. Sleep recover for athletes will help them perform and concentrate on and off the field with hours of energizing sleep.


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