What young athletes really need

It takes more to be an all star athlete than knowing how to throw a softball. Young athletes in general need to understand that it takes more than physical strength to be an athlete. Young athletes need to have self-confidence to be able to handle any situation. A positive support system is also essential for them to grow and learn. Athletes need coaches who will believe and push them to accomplish more! Young athletes also need parents who will support them even when they don’t do well. And most importantly, they need to be able to stay positive. All of these things combined with their physical skills will help them be the best athlete they can be!

Young athletes need to have:  


A child who is playing a sport needs more than the best softballs or shoes. They need to have the self-confidence to perform well. Confidence is the ability of one-self to trust in their abilities and qualities. If a young athlete doesn’t have self-confidence in their performance than they will not succeed. To perform a sport they need to be able to handle all of the challenges a game can throw a them. Athletes who are self-confident are more likely to the have lower anxiety levels and not get stuck on mistakes.

Strong self-confidence is the secret ingredient of all successful athletes!

A support system.

In a research study conducted by Tim Rees, it was reported that young athletes need support from friends and family members to perform great in sports. The one thing that young athletes need to perform well is a healthy confidence level. Confidence levels are affected if children don’t have the encouragement or support of the most important people in their lives. Thus, support fuels confidence that will help performance.

Positive self-talk.

Positive thoughts and self-talks will improve an athlete’s performance. Self-talk is a conversation that one has with themselves. Young athletes need to be able to talk and encourage themselves positively instead of negatively. For athletes discouraging and negative thoughts are the source of the pre-jetters and performance anxiety. An easy way to create a more positive mindset for athletes is by creating a mantra.

1. Create a mantra.

To start a positive self-talk you need to create your own mantra. These phrase should be words of encouragement like “I can do this,” or “Go, go, go.”

2. Practice, practice, practice!

Using the mantra in different situations will help an athlete become confident.

3. Actually visualize it.

The phrase that athletes are repeating should be to say it and think it!


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