Tips for winter softball indoor training

Training for an athlete never stops even in the ugliest weather. So why should a little snow stop your team from training this winter. Softball season maybe a couple of months away, but winter is a great time coaches can be improving their teams problem spots. Don’t be afraid about practicing in a gym. You can be improving your team’s teamwork, communication, throwing and batting.

This does not mean you should be repeating the same boring drills. Don’t let the small indoor spaces limit your creativity! Improve your team’s weak points with new games and drills. No one wants to just run around a gym all day. Use Take note from four fun indoor softball drills your team could be doing at the gym this winter.

Four corners infield drill

Are you looking for a way to improve your team’s communication skills? Try this for fun. The four corners infield drill is a classic and one of the best indoor softball drills. It’s easy and simple for beginners but also challenging for the experienced players. As a coach, you want something that will help keep things exciting and fun.

What the drill consists of:

  1. You need four standing in each corner of the gym.
  2. One player will throw the ball diagonally to player two.  
  3. Then player two will towards player three.
  4. Player three will throw the ball back to player two.
  5. And then player two will throw the ball to player one. You can loop the drill two to four times.

Three-person intensity drill

Work on your teams fielding, catching and hitting in one sitting. Not only will this improve all three of these important aspects, but also their concentration and condition. The purpose of the drill is to help capture a lot of balls in limited space. Plus, it is perfect for everyone in the team to lean to work together. To spice it up, have players change groups every 30 minutes.

Here is how the drill works:

  1. Split your team into groups of three.
  2. Have each of them be either a hitter, fielder or a catcher.
  3. The hitter will hit 10 balls to the fielder.
  4. The fielder will catch the balls and throw them to the catcher. This will help the catcher keep up with fielder throwing the balls.

Gator run-down drills

This is one of the fun indoor softball drills you’ll want to incorporate into your training. If you are looking for a drill that will help for rundown defense this drill is for your team. The good thing about this drill is that you do not need a lot of space. When your team is training indoor, space can be limited in size and height.

Here is what the gator run drill consists of:

  1. You will need to have a runner at home base, defense in their positions and yourself in the middle of the field.
  2. You will have to shout when the runner should go and start running through the bases.
  3. The defense will need to cover their bases.
  4. As the runner is running through bases, you can start throwing balls to the defense to start the rundown.

Indoor hitting

One of the most difficult things to practice indoor is hitting. You are worried about someone getting hit and the limited space. Here are some simple fun indoor softball drills you can do to help your teams hitting.

  1. Have your team hit off a tee and practice the their batting skills.
  2. If you are lucky to have a pitching machine, have them practice their hitting on one.
  3. The 3-2-1 drill is another way improve their hitting in limited space.


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