The best gifts for baseball coaches

They say giving is better than receiving. For many busy parents who have children involved in sports, it can be challenging to get shopping time between practices and games. This season try not to forget about the person who has helped your child on and off the field. Finding the perfect keepsake gifts for the coaches could be the hardest item to check off your list! Baseball coaches and coaches in general help children develop long-lasting skills. Baseball coaches teach their players about failing, teamwork, leadership and setting goals. With every season coaches help these kids grow physically and mentally.

Finding a perfect gift for coaches can be a struggle. There are even some coaches who ask for no gifts. You want to give a coach a present with sentimental value. Something they will keep forever! Here are gift ideas for that one coach in your life making a difference.

A thank you card.

If you have a coach who asks for no gifts this holiday season, a simple thank you card is a great idea. Everyone loves to get recognized for his or her job and efforts. Coaches are no exception! They want to know they have made a difference in their team’s life. To make it even more special, you can make the thank you card with your child. Making it from scratch makes it more personal and thought out. Coaches really appreciate a simple thank you!

A baseball.

It’s not rocket science that baseball coaches love baseballs. Gifting a baseball is an easy present that they can display as a keepsake. Don’t just go out and buy any baseball. Make it special by having the entire baseball team sign it!  Bonus points if you can use a baseball from a past game. It will be something the coach can treasure or present in their home and office. Or you can get them a personalized baseball. Have it customized with the team’s logo and frame it in a little glass box. Simple is better for keepsake gifts for coaches.

A video.

Some coaches seek a more sentimental gift that they can treasure for years to come. Since we live in the digital age, why not present your coach with a video! Not a full production video, but a simple thank you video. Have your child’s team give short speeches of their coach. Each child can say how the coach helped them and made a difference in their life. You can save it on a flash drive or share it on the internet for the world to see. Just don’t forget to tag the coach!

A ball bucket.

Coaches are constantly having to carry around the baseball equipment and lugging baseballs to each practice and game. It can get annoying if they do not have the proper equipment. Gear them up with ball bucket. This will give them an easy way to store the team’s baseballs and not have to worry about constantly losing them. Plus, some buckets come with a cushioned top where they can sit and watch practices.

A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

Which person does not appreciate a food gift? No one! Everyone likes to go out and eat their family. A gift certificate to a restaurant is a thoughtful gift they can share with family. Especially if the coaches family is involved in helping the whole team.

This season give keepsake gifts for coaches that they will genuinely appreciate! From baseballs to videos, these are the gifts they will remember for years to come. Thank the one person who has helped your child grow and learn through the years.


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