The Decker Sports Velocity Scholarship is a $600 scholarship awarded to the most qualifying college student every semester. The Velocity Scholarship was created to celebrate and support students who embody the spirit and values of baseball and softball.

Athletics, in any form, builds and promotes relationships, teaches discipline, shows you how to collaborate, communicate and work as a team, promotes self control, and in general shapes us to be who we are.

We want to hear your story. In a few paragraphs, tell us how baseball or softball has helped you to become who you are today. How has your family, teammates and coaches built you up and supported you through your journey? In your response to these questions we would love for you to share a specific memory with us.

We will share these stories on our blog at The winner will be chosen based on the story that is well written, thought filled, genuine and shows the most spirit for the game!  

Applications now being accepted for spring 2017

Application Deadline: December 10th

Winner Announced: December 20th

Eligibility Requirements for the Scholarship

Students must be US or Canadian citizen, a senior in high school or enrolled in a university or college in the United States or Canada. The student’s enrollment status must be in good standing.

Decker Sports, LLC employees and their family members are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Submission of more than one application per year by the same individual will result in disqualification.

Deadline for Entries

The deadline for all entries is December 10th.

Please email your completed entry with required attachments to

The following personal information should be provided with the attachment:

  • Full name
  • Mailing address and street address, if different
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Area of study and anticipated date of graduation
  • Name and mailing address of the university or college accepted into or currently attending.


$600 towards a semester of college tuition.

Scholarship Entry Requirements

Please submit one written 500 word essay on the following topic:

  • What values has baseball or softball instilled in your life? How are they valuable?

Entries will be judged by Decker Sports, LLC. Judges will evaluate the essay on originality, creativity and thoroughness. The use of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation will have bearing on the judging. Plagiarized entries will be automatically disqualified.

5 thoughts on “Decker Sports Velocity Scholarship

  1. Cary Jones Jr says:

    Baseball has taught me that learning about life lessons are important and it has shown me that growth and development are important. I have grown so much why going through the processes of baseball because I was a life long student of the baseball game. Baseball developed me to have a better understanding for women who play and support the sport. My coach blessed me with undeniable talent to be a great person. My coach was a Atlanta Police Officer who supports me to this day. Help people in life and he helps people who are working to become a better individual on the diamond. He helped me with my base running because he told me that it is almost like catching a criminal it is life. It is like being a homicide detective you have to continue to work to get faster and in different phases in life. Baseball taught me that learning about different cultures are important and can help people to develop a key sense in understanding historical backgrounds. Being from Atlanta Baseball is life is the development and growth of people. Atlanta baseball is historical in every part. Standing out doing the chop to wishing that another team would come to Atlanta. Baseball has given me life to be more responsible and showing up work work everyday to be the best I can actually be. Working hard, caring about my personality, and health are all important aspects that develop the male in life. Baseball is important because it helps people to grow in different ways and learn about new techniques in life to get ahead. It helps keep people out of trouble. It is something to do other than smoking weed and doing drugs. Having a coach that was a Atlanta Police Officer place a firm foundation in my life to be a greater person.

  2. Joshua Gerald Archer says:

    As long as I can remember, baseball has been an enormous part of my life. From my first game under the lights in rec ball, to the insanity of running practices and dealing with college recruitment today as a senior, baseball has been, as James Earl Jones so eloquently put it, “the one constant through all the years.” Throughout the crazy ups and downs of my life baseball has been my constant companion, teacher, and friend.

    Perhaps the most important thing that baseball taught me is the value of hard work. As a rather small and scrawny kid, I have never possessed immense natural athletic talent. Growing up, I always played with kids a year older than I was. Here, baseball provided me with one of my greatest life lessons. In order to compete and excel on the field, I quickly learned that I needed to outwork all of the older, bigger kids. I would be the first kid on the field every day and the last to leave, I would ask coaches questions until the banned me from asking any more, and I would pitch with my dad every weekend and on days that we did not have practice. I took this work ethic learned on the ballfields everywhere with me, pushing myself in the classroom, to become a black belt, and to become an Eagle Scout.

    Baseball has also taught me how to deal with adversity and failure. In playing a game where failing seventy percent of the time can get a man into the Hall of Fame, learning to accept failure and push yourself to accomplish even more is a huge skill. To this day I am a perfectionist, so baseball has been instrumental in helping me realize that it’s ok to stumble and fall as long as you dig right back in the box and get ready to run the bases.

    Although baseball has taught me many more things, such as the value of respect and sacrificing to help better the team, these two lessons has been incredibly important to me over the last six months. In May, while playing a tournament I was involved in a collision and tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus. Yet years of playing baseball had taught me that this was simply a curveball that caught me off guard. I couldn’t worry or be angry about what had happened, I just had to let it go, work a little harder, and get back in the box. So that’s exactly what I did. Since the injury I have worked incredibly hard doing PT, lifting weights, and even throwing from a bucket while on crutches. This work has paid off as I shattered the surgeon’s timetable for recovery and returned in time to pitch in front of the coaches at Baylor and the University of Kansas.

    Baseball has been one of the biggest influences on my life and has taught me many invaluable lessons. I look forward to playing at the next level.

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