Reasons to be thankful of coaches

We all have people who have left an impact in our life. It could be a parent, grandparent or even a baseball coach. Baseball coaches are role models of their own because they are experts of baseball and life. They teach their players valuable lessons that they will carry on with them through their life. This Thanksgiving let coaches know they are appreciated for teaching players about failing, teamwork, leadership and setting goal.


Coaches teach players how to handle and grow from failure. Dealing with failure can be difficult for younger athletes. Coaches teach players on how to take those mistakes and learn from them to become a better athlete and person. Coaches  talk to athletes about how failing only brings success. Being able to distinguish mistakes will help them tackle and learn!



Everyone knows the saying,  “There is no I in team.” Putting that quote into action can be difficult especially if not everyone is on the same page. Coaches are the ones who help a team work like team. Having a team that works together is much more valuable than having a couple of talented players. To be successful you need to be a team player in baseball and life.



Be thankful that coaches are model example of leaders. Players learn from a good example. Baseball coaches push players out of their comfort zone. This push will take players to test and know their limit. Coaches more importantly teach players that being a good leader requires understanding that winning is not everything.


Set goals

You probably never stopped to think about how a baseball coach might have taught you to set goals. Baseball coaches teach players how to get a purpose and make a plan to achieve it. They taught you that in order to get a home run, you had to work on perfecting your batting with practice. Be thankful they taught you anything is possible with a little sweat and effort!



At the end of the say coaches have your back. Coaches teach you the importance of having a strong support system. Be thankful they are there to push every player to accomplish more!


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