Exercises and drills to build pitching skills

The speed of a baseball pitch showcases the quality of the pitcher.  In order to improve the speed, most think a pitcher has to do workouts. This does increase the muscle strength of biceps and triceps, but pitching is all about the strength in the arm. Biceps and triceps are isolated muscles.

If you want to be a good pitcher, then  focus on increasing the strength in your shoulders and hips. Practice shoulder exercises and lower body exercises. By doing this,  a link is created through the body which will help you perform with whip-like action while throwing the ball.

Here are some exercises and drills to to perform regularly if you want to improve your pitching speed:

Wall Scap Slides

Stand with your back against a wall and keep your hands on therewith your palms facing outward. Keep your chin tucked in, let your head touch the wall. Raise your arms slowly as much as possible and then bring them down. Repeat this a few times. This exercise will help you learn about the link between the scapula and rib.

Push up to downward dog

This is just like a push-up exercise but in the end, you need to make a “V” shape out of your body when you are reaching the top position. After you reach the top position of a push up, you need to stretch your hips upward to reach overhead.

External Rotation Shoulder

This exercise has to be performed using a cable pulley machine. You can hold the cable in your left hand and stand at right angles to it. After pulling the cable close to your body, you can take it away making a rotation of your arm at right angles. Make sure you keep your arm straight while performing this exercise. It will strengthen your shoulder cuff area and reduce the risk of injuries due to shocks in the shoulders.

Additionally, there are some drills listed below to improve your pitching:

One knee drill

The drill is performed by resting against one knee and throwing the ball with the right hand in front of the right leg. While the ball is being thrown, you must ensure that you complete the circular motion of the arm.

The Quick Hands Drill

You have to stand with the toes of the lead leg facing the target. The back leg will be moving on its toe. The circular motion of the arm for throwing the ball can be generated by using the free toe of your back leg. But make sure the distance between both your legs is the same even after you throw the ball.

These are the only a few exercises and drills mentioned above. Do your own research and also consult your coach in order to understand other exercises and drills to improve your game.

All the best!

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