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Living a balanced athletic life

There are numerous mental health advantages to sports participation! Organized team sports (or even recreational pick-up games) boost your self-confidence and improves focus in other areas of life. Sports also do a great job of teaching teamwork, discipline, and responsibility – especially for children. Still, it takes serious commitment and focus to cope with a […]

Building the right on-field mentality for baseball or softball

on-field mentality

For many sports, including baseball and softball, it’s not just about the physical training and staying fit. It’s about mental fitness too. After all, the functions which our body functions are first instigated by the mind, right? Keeping your mind fit to win the game Research shows that many great athletes have been defeated, while […]

Habits of Elite Athletes

Do you have the habits of an elite athlete?

What separates the best athletes from the average ones? What does it take for an athlete to rise above the rest?  It is more than just a game. Sports encompass physical health, mental health and discipline. By developing the habits of elite athletes, your capabilities can be influenced in the right direction. What do some of […]