Decker Sports Velocity Scholarship 2016 Winner

We believe that athletics, in any form, builds and promotes relationships, teaches discipline, shows you how to collaborate, communicate and work as a team, promotes self-control, and helps shape us to be who we are.

We created The Decker Sports Velocity Scholarship to help promote and reward those students who demonstrate these shared values.

The Scholarship Entry Requirements were to write one 500-word essay on the following topic:

  • What values has baseball or softball instilled in your life? How are they valuable?

We were overwhelmed with amazing entries!

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When Should You Put Your Kids In Sports?

Placing your child in a sport for the first time is incredibly fun, a little terrifying and there are a lot of unknowns. What if he/she hates it? Isn’t good at the game? Doesn’t follow directions well? Isn’t a good teammate? How do you really know when the time is right to place your child in a sport? None of these things you are going to know for 100% and that’s okay! Sports is a great tool to teach discipline, commitment, communication, teamwork, perseverance and overall health. Sports are fun and a way for children to make friends, gain self-confidence and promotes goal setting at an early age. However, sports can also be detrimental to your child’s growth. So having a good idea of when you should put your kids in sports and preparing them before placing them on an “organized team” is really important.

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