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MLB postseason preview

The Major League Baseball season is long, arduous, grueling, drawn-out – we could keep going with adjectives, but you get the idea. Each team plays a whopping 162 games every season, excluding possible wildcard games and the postseason. Needless to say, we’re officially past the appetizer and the main course portions of the season. What […]

The baseball facts you didn’t know

Baseball and its sibling, softball, are some of America’s dearest pastimes. Every season, more and more children make their first forays into sports by playing tee-ball or other varieties of youth baseball. Once they start playing the game, most become interested enough to want to learn more about the game. Baseball at the highest level […]

Where It All Started With Decker Sports : The 7.5 Inch Training Baseball

From a backyard game of catch between two brothers, our first product, the 7.5-inch training baseball, was born. From that game of catch, Decker Sports took off. We have been improving player performance in baseball and softball since 1994. At Decker Sports, we believe there is no greater connection than the human connection. Why Youth […]