We have been improving softball and baseball player performance since 1994.

Athletes are only human. This sport is both a physical game and a mental one. To play your best, you need to push your body and your mind. We founded Decker Sports to help you be smart about it.

At Decker Sports, we believe that we make better baseball players and softball players. To improve your skills, you don’t just have to practice; you have to train using the right equipment.

Decker Sports is a leading researcher and developer – combining knowledge of hand-eye coordination, modern exercise physiology expertise, and personal experience on the ball-field.

Our innovative methodology and extraordinary products are scientifically proven to help baseball and softball players practice harder, concentrate better and perform at a higher skill-level.

We strive to deliver superior equipment, excellence in skill development and the utmost service, at a fair price. Solid relationships with happy customers mean everything to us.

We are proud to support coaches and athletes in the top U.S. collegiate softball programs, Major League Baseball teams, elite high school and youth programs, and training centers across the country and beyond.

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