Decker Sports is an independent, family-owned company where decades of innovation are supported by pure passion for this game.

We, Tom and Tim Decker, grew up playing baseball. Tim even went on to do so professionally, and we thought nothing of picking up a friendly game of catch with our nephew one afternoon in 1994. But Tom quickly realized that he had to concentrate harder than usual to field the smaller rubber ball we were using. That day, the vision for Decker Sports was born.

Tom discovered that changing one small variable made catching, hitting and fielding more challenging, leading to improved hand-eye coordination and agility. He developed the Decker Ball™ – our signature 7.5-inch training baseball.

Before long, we sold 12 training balls to The Los Angeles Dodgers’ hitting coach Reggie Smith. We had our first believer. The Dodgers’ results proved our philosophy worked and piqued other coaches’ interest in our products. Dozens of major league teams – not to mention college and high school programs – adopted our method.

Demand rapidly grew for more Decker Sports equipment to help players train more effectively, improve game-time performance and boost confidence on the field. Applying principles of physics, we created velocity training programs using over- and under-loaded balls to develop throwing speed and accuracy.

Now, more than 20 years later, our product line has expanded to include a variety of world-class softballs, baseballs, gloves and apparel for our patented training programs, as well as traditional game play. We stand behind every product we sell, and couldn’t be more proud that Decker Sports has become one of the most trusted names in softball and baseball.

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