8 Reasons Why Diamond Sports Are Beneficial For Kids

Is there anything better than spring in the Midwest? The grass starts turning greener, flowers start blooming, and kids start getting out of the house and playing their favorite sports or practicing with a bucket of baseballs. We may be a little biased at Decker Sports, but we believe that diamond sports, such as baseball and softball, are integral to learning life lessons for kids.

Why Are Diamond Sports Beneficial For Kids?

Baseball and softball kids learn to love dirt.

There is no way to play baseball or softball without getting dirty. None.

Baseball and softball kids get tougher while playing in the dirt, diving for balls playing shortstop, or sliding into bases. Putting their bodies and comfort on the line for the team’s sake teaches them a valuable life skill about teamwork and sacrifice.

Baseball and softball kids learn how to play as a team and to be independent.

Sound like a conflicting statement? It’s not.

Kids who play baseball and softball become something bigger than themselves when they commit to their team, but they also learn that they need to develop their own individual skills in order to make the team better! Players spend time training, hitting a bucket of baseballs, or working on their catching skills to help their team perform better at the next game – and the one after that!

Baseball and softball kids learn that being strong is cool.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to baseball and softball kids. It doesn’t matter how tall you are or what you weigh. The only thing that matters is how skilled you are at the role you are assigned on your team.

Baseball and softball kids learn that smart is also cool.

Because softball and baseball both require quick cognitive thinking and split-second decision-making, these sports aren’t just about building muscle or running fast.

Softball and baseball players are required to think ahead, run possible scenarios, and prepare themselves to make the right decision in a split-second when it really matters. Sound familiar? It sounds like a great life skill to us!

Baseball and softball kids learn that criticism is tough, but necessary.

Players mess up. They all do.

And they’re going to receive criticism when they do.

But, that criticism can be taken in and used to perfect their decisions and plays next time and the time after that.

Baseball and softball players learn that boldness can be rewarding.

Just as in life, sometimes boldness pays off. Stealing bases and making bold moves can help your team in a big way.

Baseball and softball players learn about time management skills.

Extracurricular activities help teach kids time management skills. They have to learn to balance their studies with their team commitments, and still build some sort of social life too.

The most important thing to us? Baseball and softball players learn that hard work pays off.

Putting in practice, showing up to games, playing your heart out… These are all things that pay off in team sports. And, just like in life, hard work gets you the real WIN.


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