Monthly Archives: October 2018

5 tips for softball coaches

A recent study shows that 70 percent of kids who start out playing sports will quit by the age of thirteen. These kids stated that they left sports because they no longer found it enjoyable. Now how do we keep the future generation from quitting sports, we can start with our coaching. Coaches are the […]

The benefits of indoor training

The Midwest weather is not very considerate of outdoor sports. Keeping your baseball team at top condition is all about bettering your skills whether that being catching, pitching or batting.   A break once in a while is ideal for any player to rest and recover from any injuries. However, if you want to continue […]

Tips on how to properly throw a baseball

Baseball is all about learning the basics and perfecting them. That is why it is important for your baseball players to understand and perfect their basics like how to grip a baseball and how to throw a baseball properly. Perfecting a skill takes time, just like learning how to ride a bike or do subtraction […]

Living a balanced athletic life

There are numerous mental health advantages to sports participation! Organized team sports (or even recreational pick-up games) boost your self-confidence and improves focus in other areas of life. Sports also do a great job of teaching teamwork, discipline, and responsibility – especially for children. Still, it takes serious commitment and focus to cope with a […]