The Most Ambitious Softball Wishlist

Softball is often confused with baseball since both of the games have similar techniques and rules. However, softball is played with a larger ball and on a smaller field. It’s also one of the most played sports in the world! There are 40 million Americans who play softball at least once every year.  With so many people playing softball it’s no wonder the sport keeps growing and becoming an American favorite.

Holidays are when you gift loved ones something special that they will remember for years to come. If you have a softball player at home it can be tough to gift them something they will need and treasure. You want to gift them something that is practical and memorable. Before you even think about gifting them another pair of socks, here are a few of the top items you’ll find on your favorite softball overs Christmas wishlist:

A ticket to the 2019 USA Softball Championship.

Usually the authorized USA softball conducts around 100 national championships across the country. However, this championship is indeed one of the biggest of all. Your favorite softball player will fully appreciate a ticket to the 2019 USA Softball Championship game.  

11 inch softballs.

It’s no brainer to gift a softball player a softball. Instead of buying a random softball from just any site, gift them a high-quality softball. Gift them one of our 11 inch softballs. They are made from high-quality leather, offer the best grip, steams and farthest hitting balls.

A thoughtful softball glove.   

Softball gloves play an important and vital role in the game, especially for a catcher. These gloves protect the catcher from injuring their fingers. Consider gifting one that matches their team’s uniform color or one from their favorite softball team. Plus, they will be able to use it all year long during practices or games. It will an excellent pair for their 11 inch softballs!

Facial protector

Not only should softball player’s hands be protected during a game, but also their face! It’s important for softball players to have a face protector. A softball can cause some serious damage if it hits with enough force. An easy helmet come face protector could be another addition to your wishlist this holiday. These days padded ones are available to provide the catcher ease and comfort.

Fancy wrist guard

It’s important for softball players to secure not only their face or hands but also their wrists. Softball, which is similar to baseball, has a tough game wherein your wrist could get hurt. Hence, a protective gear or wrist guard is required to play a comfortable game.

Extended leg sleeves

If you want to protect your child from any scratches during a game, gifting them extended leg sleeves is the right choice. There are few extended sleeves options available to protect a softball player’s legs from any kind of cut or a scratch.  It’s quite famous among both pro and normal collegiate players.

Perfect Knee pads

Give your softball player some major protection with durable knee pads. In order for softball players to properly move, especially during the game, they need knee pads. They are a must have for all the players.



Decker Sports is an Omaha-based sporting goods manufacturer working to combine knowledge of hand-eye coordination with modern exercise, physiology expertise, and personal experience on the ballfield to take young baseball players and softball players to their utmost levels. They strive to deliver superior equipment, excellence in skill development, and the utmost service, at a fair price. Decker Sports is proud to support coaches and athletes in the top U.S. collegiate softball programs, Major League Baseball teams, elite high school and youth programs, and training centers found globally.


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